Measurable Leadership Growth

The U.A.E is growing at an increasingly fast pace and it needs its leaders to keep pace.  Fast tracking leadership skills among U.A.E nationals has never been more critical.  And it’s vital this happens within a systematic, measurable and guaranteed framework.

That’s where Stakeholder Centered Coaching steps in.

It’s a unique leadership growth model that has the power to propel U.A.E nationals towards their goal of leadership growth.  The framework embodies two essential components – guaranteed and measurable – growth.


How it works – the 70/20/10 model

The Center for Creative Leadership’s 70/20/10 model lays out the learning and development process:

  • 10% of learning should be through formal classroom learning.
  • 20% should be through coaching and feedback.
  • 70% of the development process should be through learning by doing at work.


Stakeholder Centered Coaching ties together coaching and learning by doing at work in a way that is measurable and guaranteed.


Putting theory into action

The best leadership development happens on the job through real workplace challenges and dilemmas. Training courses have their place but don’t fully equip local nationals with the leadership development they need.  What’s really needed is leadership growth.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a highly effective process that focuses on actual leadership growth in the workplace.


The process

To begin, the leader selects one or two specific behaviours that are important for their leadership growth.  (Assessments can be used to determine which leadership competencies or behaviours need growth).

Behaviours such as empowerment, delegation, leading a team, peer integration or decision making are typical areas for improvement.

The leader then selects stakeholders, usually boss(es), direct reports and peers, and asks stakeholders for “feedforward” suggestions.

In other words, the leader shares with those around him/her the areas selected for growth and asks for suggestions on how to improve.  Together with the executive coach, the leader develops an action plan to implement the suggestions.

In the month that follows, the leader implements their action plan and demonstrates to the stakeholders that they are making visible changes in the selected areas for development.


Measuring growth

The executive coach follows up by checking in with stakeholders through online quarterly Leadership Growth Progress Review.  This survey asks stakeholders whether they have seen progress in the leader’s development.

This feedback is shared with the leader so they can gauge how their leadership change efforts have been perceived by the stakeholders.

The leadership survey also serves as a way to measure results.  Only by measuring results can the individual, stakeholders, and the organisation know whether leadership growth was successful.


Completing the loop

Adults learn new behaviours and skills by doing. The stakeholder centered coaching process is designed to support the development of new skills and behaviours in U.A.E business leaders.  The being of leadership is developed by doing.  These skills are only developed if the leader receives regular stakeholder feedback on selected areas for development.