The Organisation Workshop

Talking ‘relationships’ in the workplace may seem a little left-field and yet all evidence based research confirms that interactions between human beings is essential in building a sustainable business. The success of any organisation is based on the foundation of good relationships – between leaders, colleagues, customers and all stakeholders.

Unhappy with the attention our leaders are giving us, feeling torn in all directions, having a frustrating experience as a customer or even feeling overwhelmed in a new leadership position – are all the result of relationships with unhelpful behaviour.

AnnetteKirby uses a unique approach to unearthing the power of relationships within an organisation – helping to avoid common pitfalls, shifting behavior from negative to positive and ultimately forming productive partnerships. The Organisation Workshop holds the possibility of transforming how people behave and work together in the workplace. Organisations transform when people do!


The Organisation Workshop (OW)

A workshop like no other, Barry Oshry’s Organisational Workshop (OW) is a high energy, participative experience that shines a light on the systemic patterns that regularly occur within organisations and which undermine partnership and effectiveness.

As the only accredited provider of the Organisation Workshop in the UAE, AnnetteKirby is able to deliver a dynamic, impactful one or two-day experiential workshops based on Oshry’s key insights on Power and Leadership.

It’s a workshop which uses insights into relationships as opportunities for personal and leadership development as well as organisational and culture change.

Participants experience the regular conditions, demands and challenges of any organization. They gain insight into how these issues occur; are given strategies for dealing with them and a new framework for their interactions within any organisation.

A pivotal moment in the workshop is an exercise in which participants take on roles as Directors (Tops), Middle managers (Middles), Workers (Bottoms) or Client organisations (Customers). They’re then asked to operate in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment with competing challenges – as close as you can get to real organisational life.

This total immersive experience gets to participants’ hearts and minds – producing a lasting impact.


What participants come away with

Organisation Workshop participants are taught vital new perspectives about organisational life and how to put that learning into action. Through self-awareness and empathy, participants learn strategies to create lasting, powerful partnerships. They’ll:

  • walk away energized, motivated and better able to successfully lead their organisation;
  • step away from a culture of blaming to one of understanding;
  • be more in touch with issues faced by others in the organisation and better able to deal with them constructively;
  • be able to partner more effectively up, down and across organisational lines;
  • have the ability to break down bureaucratic barriers;
  • be able to provide leadership that addresses issues systemically rather than personally;
  • better understand system dynamics;
  • see the root causes of misunderstandings, communication problems and conflict and be able to address them;
  • have the tools to be more resilient in the face of complex challenges and ever-changing organisational life;
  • have frameworks for applying their learning; and,
  • most importantly, their learning will stay with them for years to come.


Who is it for?
This workshop is suitable for anyone.  It’s relevant to people across all levels of any organisation. We will work with you to design the best workshop to meet your unique challenges and aims.