Leadership Advisory

Leadership development made at the right time, for the right reasons,  and addressing the right issues, is our expertise.


Seeing systems

We support our clients in making appropriate strategic investments in leadership development.  To do this, we spend time inside organisations, truly understanding their unspoken needs and discovering the growth edge from a human capital perspective.  Because we’re not part of the internal culture of our client’s organisations we’re able to see their systems dynamics clearly.

We have a holistic view of the systems underlying business and cultural transformation and a unique insight into everything that happens beneath the surface and at all levels of an organisation.


Impact and truth

A common pitfall in leadership development investment is having the best intentions but not focusing on the end goal or desired impact. We help steer clients on the right leadership development path by devising plans with impact in mind.

Too often we find clients who have received poor or biased recommendations prior to making significant investments in leadership development. Their experience with AnnetteKirby will be different. We’ve taken a stand for impact in everything we do and our unbiased advice will be driven by that intent.

We engage with our clients coming from a mindset of ‘being of service’ to their organisation.  We are transparent about our affiliations with certain global providers and have a decade’s experience working both on the clientside as well as on the provider’s side of leadership development.  We know what works and how to set up the best conditions for people and organisations to make the best of their investments in leadership development.