Team Solutions

Team Solutions

The way team members behave together can make or break an organisation. Team coaching links business goals with a focus on results and relationships.


Culture is the key

 All teams need shared direction, alignment and commitment to work effectively. At AnnetteKirby, we have the ambition to recreate those special moments in teams and organizations that we all love to be part of.

Many leaders are waking up to the fact that the most important element in the success of their team or organisation is culture (Culture = the values, beliefs and behaviors of a group).

We provide simple and practical steps to create well functioning teams and a corporate culture of performance.  Not only is this good for all stakeholders, it leads ultimately to organisational success.


Nurturing leadership culture

We see an organisation’s team culture as its own, living, breathing habitat. We shift team cultures from ‘Ego-systems to Eco-systems’. Developing a high performing team culture is not static but organic. Every culture is unique and will grow differently depending on how you take care of it.

We support leadership team development by identifying their desired vision, mission and values and instilling and nurturing these throughout the team.  We apply a systemic lens to our work with all stakeholders. We then make sure the Eco-system and structure are aligned with the desired culture.

It’s not enough for us to have corporate values in posters on the wall – we want each team member to walk-the-talk.  We’re able to measure this through the health and vitality of team culture using reputable and reliable assessment tools.

In other words, our work is not only about team workshops and value statements. It’s about practical, daily operation with a set of shared behaviors. This, in turn, creates a desired leadership team culture that drives strong business results.